What are the causes of bloating? 

Multifactorial origins: diet, stress, lifestyle, state of the microbiota


Our digestive tract naturally contains air and gases. These gases can come from the air that we ingest for example when taking a meal. They can also be produced during digestion, by the bacteria that colonize our digestive tract (intestinal flora or microbiota).

Bloating: an excess of gas responsible for discomfort and intestinal pain


It is normal to have a certain volume of gas in our digestive system. However, in some cases, this volume of gas increases and causes bloating and digestive discomfort due to the associated increased pressure.

“Bacteria ferment food to produce gas”


Aerophagia (gas of external origin)

– Soft drinks
– Use of a straw
– Chewing gum
– Eating too quickly and / or while talking
– Bad posture adopted during meals

Excessive fermentation (internal gas)

– Significant intake of fermenting foods
– Imbalance of the intestinal flora

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Food is digested in the small intestine. The undigested residues reach the colon where they can undergo a process of fermentation by the bacteria.

If the fermentation becomes very important, it leads to an excessive production of gas.

Main causes of excessive fermentation:

  1. Intake of foods which ferment by producing a lot of gas: Fibrous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage), legumes (chickpeas, dried beans, lentils), dairy products, certain fruits and in large quantities (apples, melons) …
  2. An imbalance intestinal flora (microbiota): in the normal state, there is a natural balance between different populations of bacteria that colonize our digestive tract. In certain situations, this balance is disturbed (this is called dysbiosis). This iimbalance can be caused by :
    – medication (including antibiotics)
    – an unbalanced diet which is often encountered during episodes of stress (indeed, it has now been shown that the intestine is connected to the central nervous system of the brain and that there is a complex link between the intestine and our emotions, and vice versa)

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