Discover Carbidose 1000

food supplement

The first activated charcoal with an effective dose and a targeted action

Carbidose 1000 is a unique and patented composition of highly dosed activated charcoal and inulin. Carbidose 1000 comes in the form of microgranules in stick sachets that are easy to swallow, even without water (ORO-EASE® technology).



The patented composition of Carbidose 1000 is distinguished by its high dose of activated vegetable charcoal (1000 mg per stick). This high dosage is made possible thanks to the innovative presentation of orally disintegrating microgranules in stick sachets. The efficacy of this dose has been established based on clinical documentation and validated by the panel of scientific experts of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).



1) The activated vegetable charcoal of Carbidose 1000 helps to adsorb intestinal gas effectively.

2) Inulin gradually releases charcoal in the digestive tract, thus enhancing its effectiveness. It also promotes the development of a balanced intestinal flora for better digestion.



Carbidose 1000 is in the form of stick sachets containing orally disintegrating microgranules allowing easy swallowing without coloring the mouth (ORO-EASE® technology). This innovative presentation makes it possible to contain a high and effective dose of activated charcoal (1000mg) and to facilitate the intake of the product without swallowing effort.



The composition of Carbidose 1000 consists only of active ingredients of natural origin:
– Activated vegetable charcoal is produced from coconut shell,
– Natural inulin comes from the root of chicory

More informations

Method of administration and dosage
  • 2 sachets per day during the main meal :
    • 1 sachet before the meal, and  
    • 1 other sachet after the meal
  • To be taken with or without a glass of water
For an intake without water :
  1. Pour the contents of the stick into your mouth    
  2. Let the product hydrate in the saliva for a few seconds    
  3. Swallow the saliva without chewing the activated charcoal microgranules     
Duration of treatment

A pack of Carbidose 1000 at the rate of two sticks per day
In the event of recurrent disorders, it is recommended to continue the use of Carbidose 1000 for 3 months at a rate of 1 pack per month.

Precaution for use

Do not take Carbidose 1000 within 2 hours of taking the drugs because charcoal can interfere with their absorption. Consult your doctor or pharmacist in the event of associated treatment.

In case of constipation

Consult your pharmacist 

For people with low salivation

It is possible to take a sip of water to facilitate the swallowing of the microgranules that would have remained in the mouth. It is recommended not to chew the microgranules.