Laboratoire Eupeptis

About us

Digestive health, naturally :
our specialty, our passion !

Created by two pharmacists specializing in food supplements and pharmaceutical formulation technologies, Laboratoire Eupeptis designs and develops innovative and natural food supplements to relieve Intestinal Functional Disorders.


Intestinal Functional Disorders correspond to several common conditions in which, symptoms, without organic explanation significantly alter patients’ quality of life. 

These symptoms include:

– Bloating and gas
– Functional diarrhea
– Functional constipation
– Pain and spasms

These disorders affect more than one person out of two and often are chronic and in conjunction with diet. Therefore, medication alone, often symptomatic, is insufficient.

Our product commitment


Effective dose validated by 
clinical studies


Ingredients of natural origin to limit the appearance of side effects


ORO-EASE ® technology to facilitate intake and improve adherence to treatment


 Action on both symptoms (short term action) and on the microbiota (long term action)

food supplement

Stick containing easy-to-swallow orally disintegrating micro-granules composed of highly dosed activated charcoal and inulin XL.