Laboratoire Eupeptis

Our ORO-EASE® Technology

EUPEPTIS has developed a unique ORO-EASE® Active Micro-Granule technology which combines two advantages:

Convenience and comfort of use for the patients

– The size and shape of our Active Micro-Granules allow easy swallowing without effort by the patient even for large doses of active ingredients. This is a significant advantage in comparison with conventional dosage forms (i.e., tablets, capsules) which may induce significant swallowing problems in dysphagic patients, in the cases of highly dosed medicines which require repeated administrations. 

– In addition, the high density of the Micro-Granules is compatible with compact single-dose sticks for rapid intake of the product without the need for a glass of water. The practicality of this presentation is particularly useful for active people. 

* Note that dysphagia (swallowing disorder) concerns more than 30% of the population, this incidence being particularly marked in children and people over 50 years old.

Targeted delivery for enhanced efficiency

ORO-EASE® Active Micro-Granules contain Inulin (a biopolymer) slowly degraded by the intestinal microbiota which gradually releases active vegetable charcoal in the GI tract. The metabolism of this biopolymer by the intestinal microbiota has two effects:  

  1. Pre-biotic effect: Inulin promotes the selective growth of beneficial bacteria and involves the development of a balanced microbiota, contributing to a better digestion 
  2. Post-biotic effect: the metabolism of inulin by the microbiota generates Short Chain Fatty Acids which exert a favorable action on the intestinal cells and contribute to the good regulation of the gut transit.