Anti-bloating tips

Our advice to limit bloating and digestive disorders


We can only remind that a healthy and balanced diet, the practice of a physical activity and a healthy lifestyle contribute to your balance and thus to your intestinal well-being. Find out here which foods to avoid, which to favor and lots of other tips to help you feel better day after day!

Limit aerophagia (ingestion of air)


Eat slowly, chewing food well and not talking too much to avoid swallowing air.
Avoid foods and drinks that are a major source of ingested gas: sparkling water, sodas, chewing gum.

These foods are high in fiber. Be careful, however, not to remove fiber from your diet, which could cause constipation.

To be preferred : dishes based on fennel, white rice, green beans, fish will be better digested

Limit gases of internal origin


It is recommended that you reduce your intake of certain foods that promote fermentation and gas production:


– Starchy foods (bread, pasta, potatoes …),

– Cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.),

– Dried vegetables (white beans, chickpeas, broad beans, lentils, etc.)

– Fruits (especially very ripe) and raw vegetables.

– Certain dairy products. Once an adult, lactose digestion is more difficult: it ferments and generates gas. Avoid milk, fatty white cheeses, moldy cheeses. Prefer fresh goat cheese.

Promote digestive comfort


Limit food that is too heavy and too fatty : this makes digestion even more difficult.

Adopt a suitable position when eating your meals and avoid compressing your abdomen with tight clothing.

Exercise regularly and avoid staying too long in a sitting position (gas flow is improved by standing up).

Beware of stress  : The intestine, which is very innervated, is easily disturbed according to our emotions. Very often, functional bowel disorders are related to stress and anxiety. It is therefore advisable to manage your stress and perform relaxation exercises.

By your side for your intestinal well-being

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